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SwitchUp Discussions with Roberto Reif, Metis Sr. Info Scientist around Seattle

Roberto is a man of science and sensei at Metis's Seattle selection. He has a powerful background for data study and image/signal processing. Their professional employment has bundled work on applications to get healthcare, IoT, and online business intelligence advertising and marketing. His studies included electricity and biomedical engineering.

Working hard at Metis combines great deal his interests, allowing Roberto to address, mentor students as they build up their details science plans, work on particular projects, and pay attention to about the hottest technologies inside the field.

His preferred resources are type a paper Matlab, Python, plus Tableau. Find out more about his journey to Metis and find out which often companies use Metis students in our meeting below:

Your Ph. D. is due to Biomedical Anatomist. What knowledge from this backdrop help you to assistance future Files Scientists?
The most crucial skill that we gained through my Ph. D. would be to learn how to use scientific systems to solve issues. We at all times start with some hypothesis and so are constantly endeavoring to prove as well as disprove them while attaining new insights along the way. Details Science is also a science, plus the same rules used in investigation (whether it is actually in Biomedical Engineering or any other field) are applied right here.

Exactly how did you wind up teaching on Metis? The fact that was your journey?