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What is the Difference Between an university and a University?

Going down to college is a milestone in just about any young adult’s life.

The expression it self conjures up pictures of newfound liberty, experience of brand new views, knowledge, and perchance even more than one sips of liquor.

In the us, nonetheless, few individuals make use of the expression “going off to university,” or “headed to college,” even in the event they have been indeed going to trigger for, ukrainian mail order bride say, Harvard University. Why did university end up being the prevalent term for postsecondary training? And it is here any distinction between the 2 organizations?

While college seems to be the older regarding the two terms, dating dating back the 13th century, schools and pupils in the united states have actually embraced university to spell it out many places of greater learning. There is absolutely no rigid concept of the terms, but there are numerous basic characteristics for every.