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Tina's meal - by dale10 - Pretty little Tina has a rather lunch that is special. A huge Ebony Guy! (M+/g, extreme-ped, nc, rp, intr, v, tor, huml)

Tom, Louise plus the Bargain getaway - by Kewtieboy - Tom and Louise can not resist a last second vacation deal aided by the resort chosen by the trip operator. These are generally horrified to locate it really is a resort utilized by the "teen and twenty" vacation operators. Nonetheless they quickly discover that their getaway had far more to originally offer than they thought. (MMF, voy, bi, orgy, mast, dental, anal, intr, swing, cream-pie)

Far too late - by Karen Kay - a tale about a new couple that is white difficulty conceiving an infant. Hubby needs to provide in the centre east and contains arranged for a man that is black knock up their lovely spouse. Centered on a story that is true. (MF, intr, spouse, voy, rom, preg)

Tracey while the BBC - by Shabobo - Tracey's used nephew Bill is coming up to help you throughout the house. She does every thing she will to suppress her wish to have Big Ebony Cock, in which he does every thing he is able to to lure her along with his. (MF, dental, anal, intr, preg)

Tracey's tale - by Eastern Rose - This tale chronicles the journey a middle that is young spouse takes in to the intimate underworld which nearly leads to her death. It will include an under that is little sex marriagemindedpeoplemeet viewed me but could not possibly be referred to as a paedophilia story. (Fm, nc, rp, exh, voy, intr, anal, size, medications, rom)

Trailer Park Tramps - by DarkLaura - Leon has control of among the trailer park's hotter searching ladies.