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Master the Art of entire Animal Butchery at Denver’s First Meat Collective

This meat that is local links home chefs to butchers, chefs, and farmers via hands-on classes and farm dinners.

By Callie Sumlin • March 4, 2020

One bright Sunday early morning in January, i discovered myself at Stir Cooking class when you look at the Highland neighbor hood, staring down at an extremely tiny, extremely chicken that is pink had been resting on a cutting board in the front of me personally.

I became there, along side nine other folks, to take part in the class that is first the Denver Meat Collective. Into the front side for the space, Marcus McCauley, the farmer who’d pasture-raised every one of the birds in the front of us at their regenerative Boulder County farm, had been explaining the way the chickens’ diet plans and unusual usage of the outside led to scaled-down birds with deeper-colored and -flavored meat. Meanwhile, Kyle Foster, the chef-owner of Julep, ended up being sjust howing just how to break up among the birds into pieces making use of smooth, elegant blade shots.

Founded by Danielle Davis in 2019, the Denver Meat Collective is directed and incubated because of the Good Meat Project, that has been initially launched in Portland, Oregon. A meat group, according towards the Good Meat Project web site, is supposed to be a community resource “that provides classes that are hands-on customers in whole-animal butchery, cookery, and charcuterie…” Davis, that has invested the majority of her profession involved in the meat and meals sector in advertising, communications, and consulting capabilities, saw other collectives appearing everywhere from Texas to Appalachia, and had been motivated to create someone to Denver.