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Boledi: "ahead of the wedding work had been legalized, we'd currently changed our surnames because our problem ended up being our moms and dads had been therefore uncomfortable using this gayness. "

The two married couples have entered into protective contracts to honour each other and to protect their partners from each other's families.

Boledi: "We safeguarded ourselves against our families they passed away. Because we had seen just how other lesbians' families arrived and took every thing whenever"

All three associated with older individuals recounted force to date guys if they had been more youthful plus some of these young ones had been created away from these relationships. Rosie articulated this by saying:

"You make an effort to live based on just exactly just what culture expects of you, and dated boys at first. "

Two for the younger ladies had been created in Johannesburg in addition to other two relocated to the town to review in the local universities. The narratives of all of the eight individuals traverse multiple areas including other provinces. This will be diagrammatically represented in figure 2. Nevertheless, in this paper, we give attention to those parts that engage the town. This contributes to the nagging dilemma of "narrative excess" - a phrase that we just take from Michelle Fine (2015) to aim to this which will be kept away from life reports in research work.

Mapping Johannesburg Pride and opposition

When it comes to young lesbian ladies interviewed in this research, the Pride march emerged as a secure area however with qualifiers. The five pupil individuals went to the Pride marches. For Lesego and Feziwe (both pupils), Pride is approximately shared affirmation and highlighting the plight of gays and lesbians.