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About Us

Coastal Green health ended up being launched November 2017, by David Spang that is a Myrtle Beach native. Born and raised regarding the Grand Strand, producing a company that benefited their community that is local was a passion for him. David is really what you would phone a serial entrepreneur. At 27 years of age, David has successfully co-founded Traditio Express, a third party grocery distribution solution that delivered vast amounts in food up the shore of this Carolinas. He additionally co-founded Boost Band, which designed, sourced, produced and patented a power bank wristband that is portable. After being invited to display this innovation at Tech Crunch Disrupt NYC in 2016, the business caught traction selling online as well as partnering with a few associated with the nation’s biggest Music Festivals all over nation. David can be a out associated with the field thinker whom strives to locate what exactly is needed available in the market, or in their area. Having a heart to greatly help, anybody who knows David, knows he could be an individual who cares about everybody else he fulfills, specially their community. Using this and help from their girlfriend, Crystal Walter, this has led him towards the opening of Coastal Green health.

Our objective at Coastal Green health will be to educate always our community and normalize cannabis as medicine. We make an effort to not merely teach but additionally offer our community utilizing the quality extracts that are highest at the best feasible costs. Given that market grows, the necessity of training will continue to improve.