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Ms. Tippett: let me know about this development. Let me know about this term. Once more, we don’t think that’s a word we associate in US tradition with faith or the Bible or churches.

Mr. Brueggemann: i do believe we think when it comes to systems and continuities and predictability and schemes and plans. I do believe the Bible will be some great extent concentrated on God’s ability to split those schemes available and also to violate those formulae. Them miracles when they are positive disruptions, the Bible calls. We will not utilize that expressed term if they are negative. Exactly what this means is that the truth of our life while the truth of Jesus aren't found in nearly all of our schemes that are explanatory.

And because it doesn’t work out the way we planned whether one wants to explain that in terms of God or not, it is nonetheless the truth of our life that our lives are arenas for all kinds of disruptions. I do believe our current financial collapse is a huge interruption for most people who'd their your retirement mapped out or whatever that way. And it's alson’t likely to be like this.