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What exactly are you doing on Tinder? Impression management on a matchmaking mobile software
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Mobile phone dating applications such as Tinder have actually exploded in appeal in the last few years. On Tinder, impression administration starts with a inspiration to down load the software, the choice of one’s profile photos and an evaluation associated with objectives of possible Tinder matches. These procedures take place in a technologically mediated environment of paid down cues and increased control, neighborhood proximity and a filtering process that is reduced. My focus in this paper is it stage that is first of administration, which is composed of both impression inspiration and impression construction. Especially, do you know the impression that is pre-match methods of Tinder users? We present the results of interviews with Tinder users when you look at the Netherlands. Individuals had been recruited via a Tinder profile that marketed the analysis utilising the University emblem and a description that is brief. Interview questions centered on individual understandings of self-presentation practices and profile construction. The interviews additionally examined just exactly exactly just how users evaluated their prospective matches. Outcomes reveal users’ motivations for making use of Tinder vary from entertainment to ego-boost to relationship seeking, and these motivations sometimes alter over time. Profile pictures are chosen so that they can present a great yet self that is authentic and selected as a example of not merely one’s desirability but additionally of other indicators such as for example training degree.