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Intimate harassment is understood to be unwanted intimate improvements, demands for intimate favors, along with other spoken or real conduct of the nature that is sexual either

What's Intimate Harassment?

Concept of Sexual Harassment

  • The conduct is manufactured as a phrase or condition of ones own employment, training, living environment or involvement in a University community.
  • The acceptance or refusal of these conduct is employed because the foundation or an issue in choices affecting a person's work, training, residing environment, or involvement in a University community.
  • The conduct unreasonably impacts a person's employment or performance that is academic produces a daunting, aggressive or unpleasant environment for the person's employment, training, residing environment, or participation in a University community.

Intimate harassment is defined for legal reasons and includes demands for intimate favors, sexual improvements or other conduct that is sexual (1) submission is either clearly or implicitly a disorder impacting educational or employment choices; (2) the behavior is adequately serious or pervasive as to generate an daunting, aggressive or repugnant environment; or (3) the behavior continues despite objection by the individual to who the conduct is directed. The University considers such behavior, whether real or verbal, to be a breach of their criteria of conduct and can seek to avoid such incidents and simply take corrective action whenever intimate harassment happens (Office of Institutional Equity, University of Michigan).

Kinds of Sexual Harassment

Broadly speaking, there are two forms of intimate harassment, “quid pro quo” and hostile environment.

Quid pro quo (meaning “this for that”) intimate harassment takes place when it is known or suggested that an educational or work choice in regards to a pupil or worker is determined by if the pupil or worker submits to conduct of a nature that is sexual.

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